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This training, grant, and mentoring programme stimulates more solutions journalism.

This grant programme aims to respond to the need for media organisations across Europe to pursue different approaches to increase reader trust, audience share, and revenue by creating a cross-European solutions journalism knowledge hub and encouraging systemic cooperation between professional news media organisations.

We will issue a public open-call inviting applications from media outlets from all eligible countries to recruit a total of 18 newsrooms (first year: 10; second year: 8) to take part in the activities outlined below and be part of the cohort. The consortium partners will form a group of independent jury members with experience in constructive and solutions journalism who will assess the applications for formal compliance with the eligible countries and completeness of answers. The jury members will make their determinations on which media outlets will be part of the cohort based on the criteria set forth. The prospective applicants will then be informed of the jury members' decision and a knowledge hub will then be created to advance this new approach to investigative journalism.

The activities will consist of:

  • A training, grant, and mentoring program to stimulate more solutions/constructive journalism, especially for the climate change beat.
  • A training, grant, and mentoring program to stimulate more connected investigative and solutions reporting.
  • A study tour/exchange program, grant program, and international conference to foster greater collaboration among newsrooms across Europe.
  • A training and mentoring program to spur increased revenue through solutions/constructive journalism.
  • A wide dissemination of the supported stories among the European public, and of the learnings and resources among the journalistic community across Europe.

The project will increase the potential of the sector and its players, across countries and regions with diverse media capabilities, contributing to a free, diverse, and pluralistic media environment and quality journalism in the digital environment.

Be part of the cohort!

Being part of the cohort, an exclusive group of European media outlets, will be a great opportunity to help shape solutions journalism and share first-hand knowledge the approaches to increasing reader trust and revenue through this knowledge hub via this grant programme. If you are selected through the public call, you will automatically be part of the cohort of media outlets and have the opportunity to receive grants for investigative projects. For more information, please visit the FAQ page of the grant programme.

What does that entail?

As a member of the cohort, media outlets will have the opportunity to receive funding for their investigative projects with a focus on climate change while integrating solutions journalism. The media outlets will work with a mentor to help their investigative projects incorporate solutions journalism. It is essential to work with a mentor to achieve this goal. You will also have an opportunity to receive separate grant for any type of investigative projects while still integrating solutions journalism. This part of the grant programme will be available to members of the cohort only.

For who?

This grant programme is open to small European media news outlets, especially serving underrepresented groups. The media outlets must be legally registered in any of the Creative Europe participating countries (EU and non-EU). See grant details for complete list of eligible countries.

Financial support

Journalismfund Europe received support from European Commission (Creative Europe) and another funder (TBD).

More info and applications

To apply or to learn more about the eligibility and assessment criteria, timing, jury and grant conditions, visit our grant details page.

Need more help?

Visit our FAQ page. Next, we're always happy to answer any questions you might have about your application or the grant in general. So don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email, or to make an appointment for a video call.

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For Who

Small Media Outlets - Members of the cohort only

Small media outlets (legal entities) can apply for membership in the cohort. Subsequent calls for cohort members will include a requirement to collaborate with at least one other media outlet from a different eligible country.

How Much


The total grant budget is €320,000 to distribute. - Closed call: only for members of the cohort.

For the period 2024-2025, the programme is co-funded by:

  • The European Union
  • TBC

Next Deadline

06 March 2025

For the selection to become a member of the cohort there was one open public call scheduled in 2024 and one in 2025.

  • Deadline is on Thursday 06 March 2025 at 1pm CET

How to apply?

  1. Before you start, please consult the grant details where you can find the rules, eligibility and assessment criteria, timing, etc.

  2. Use your email address for one-time registration and access our application form online. Freely navigate through the online form to see which information you need to provide in your application. This includes, but not limited to,:

  • Team members’ details,
  • Supporting documents as legal entities,
  • Details about your experience or interest in solutions journalism,
  • Details about your experience or interest in climate reporting,
  • Details about your experience or interest in cross-border investigation,
  • A budget is not needed to apply for cohort membership but, if selected, a detailed budget will be required for cross-border investigation projects. (cohort members only, budget template).

You might be asked to upload additional administrative documents.

One team member from each media outlet can start an application through the online application form. The online application-in-progress is easy to navigate and can be saved multiple times before final submission.

Need Help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Next, we're always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your application. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email us at We're also happy to speak with you via a video call, so feel free to make an appointment! Check out our pre-application session schedules and make a reservation now.

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