Local Cross-Border Journalism

Is there an appealing, intriguing, refreshing and engaging story(s) in your local city that you want to share with the world? Would your story have some correlation with other local European cities or around the world? Are there local issues that you could bring to life by comparing and contrasting with other local European cities who may be experiencing the same issues?

Are you open to collaborating with other local journalists from other parts of Europe? Are you eager to write something you're interested in but you lack the resources? Compelling stories can be found everywhere, even at the local level.

Local flavour would attract local audience but local flavour in collaboration with other local European journalists would reach a wider audience and add life beyond the borders of your own city.

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We are hungry for stories from your own backyard! Stories that are not only hard-hitting investigative journalism but also awe-inspiring. As we are currently living in a polarising world where bad stories are newsworthy, we also welcome investigative stories of change and hope, and to give a platform to local voices. In every nook and crannies and corners of the world, there are plenty of stories waiting to be told. Let yourself be the guide to the way people view your own city. 

As we aim to increase local investigative journalists in Europe, we believe that this grant programme will be a step toward the right direction. We are highly focused on cross-border collaboration. Work with your peers from other parts of Europe to bring your stories to life and expand your reach. 

Don't know where to start? We got you! We are organising a training programme where you can gain the necessary skills needed to successfully work on your project while working with esteemed experienced professionals in their fields.

Working time and expenses such as logistics, travel, insurance, access to legal support, translations, access to technology and data sets, etc. will be covered under the grant programme.

Along with financial support, teams can also apply for mentorship from an experienced professional with either focus on the investigation or the need for competencies in a specific skill.

Still unsure about local cross-border topic?

When thinking about a local topic, don't look too far and don't make it too complex. Check out this grant programme's supported project, entitled "Can depopulation in Europe's islands be reversed?" and learn how two local journalists from two different countries collaborated together for a local cross-border story.  

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Visit the grant programme website at crossborderlocal.eu for additional information.

For who

Journalists and Local News Outlets

Local Cross-Border teams of at least two professional journalists and/or (local) news outlets can submit a proposal for a journalistic investigation about any issues that concern and relate to Europe. Only applicants who are legally residing in eligible countries are permitted to receive funding. See our FAQ for more information.

How much


The total available amount per call (in 2024) to be distributed among all supported investigations will be €120,000. (TBC)

The programme is supported by Veronica Stichting and Limelight Foundation and others (TBC)

Next deadline

25 April 2024

For this grant programme there are 6 application rounds scheduled over a period of two years (2024-2025).

The next call is Thursday 25 April 2024, 1 pm (Brussels time). - TBC

How to apply?

  1. Before you start, please consult the grant details where you can find the rules, eligibility and assessment criteria, timing, etc.

  2. Use your email address for one-time registration and access our application form online. Freely navigate through the online form to see which information you need to provide in your application. This includes:

  • Team members’ details,
  • Information about the intended investigation,
  • Information about the intended publication channels, including letters of intent from news outlets,
  • And a detailed budget, according to our budget template.

You will also be asked to upload additional administrative documents.

One team member can start a draft application. S/he can then invite multiple people to collaborate on the online draft. The online application-in-progress can be saved and further edited at any time.

Need help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Next, we're always more than happy to discuss your project ideas or to answer any questions you might have about your application. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email us at local@journalismfund.eu. We're also happy to speak with you via a video call, so feel free to make an appointment! Check out our pre-application session schedules and make a reservation now!