FPD Science
FPD Science

With this project Journalismfund Europe wants to stimulate in-depth science journalism in Dutch-language media in Belgium.

The programme offers grants to science journalists to work on projects that have great newsworthiness and depth but that cannot be realised in regular media. The projects should be original, innovative and time-consuming and must involve investigative reporting on science and its impact on society.

For who?

Professional journalists

The results of the research must be published in a Dutch-language medium in Belgium.



The grant programme is subsidised by the Flemish government.



We will communicate about next rounds as soon as we have the information.

How to apply?

Before you start, please consult the grant details, where you can find the rules, eligibility criteria, timing etc.

You can easily apply via our online application form. You'll be asked to provide us with:

  • personal details
  • information about the project
  • information about the dissemination of your story
  • a detailed budget

Please make sure you have following documents at hand:

  • copy of your ID (for Belgian residents) or passport
  • CV
  • letter(s) of intent of (a) Dutch language media outlet(s) in Belgium.
  • a detailed budget (please use our budget template)

Need help?

We're always happy to discuss your project ideas or to help you with your application in a personal way.
So don't hesitate to contact us via phone or mail, or to make an appointment for a video call at a time of your convenience.

This is a new application platform; if you would encounter any problems or have remarks, please contact us.