This grant programme aims to enable independent journalistic investigations into the exploitation of Asian victims of human trafficking and forced labour in Europe.

Cross-border teams of professional journalists can apply for a grant to cover working time and/or expenses to investigate, document and expose aspects and cases of forced labour, cross-continental trafficking and other issues related to the exploitation of Asian victims in Europe.

Next to a grant, teams can also apply for a mentor to provide assistance with either the focus of the investigation or the need for competences in a specific skill.


Europe and Asia

Teams of professional journalists from Europe and/or Asia are eligible to apply.

Team members from other continents are eligible as well, as long as the investigation focuses on an aspect of how Asian victims of forced labour are exploited in Europe.



The Modern Slavery Unveiled grant programme will distribute in total €320,000 over 4 application rounds.

The total available amount to be distributed per call will be €80,000.

The programme is supported by Porticus.


16 September 2021

Modern Slavery Unveiled will have in total 4 application rounds, with an average interval of 6 months.

The first application deadline was 18 March 2021.

The next application deadline is Thursday 16 September 2021 at 12 pm CEST (noon Brussels time).

How to apply?

Before you start, please consult the grant details, where you can find the rules, eligibility criteria, timing etc.

You can easily apply via our online application form. You'll be asked to provide us with:

  • personal details
  • information about the project
  • information about the dissemination of your story
  • a detailed budget

You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • copy of passport 
  • CV
  • letter(s) of intent from (a) professional news outlet(s)
  • a detailed budget (please use our budget template)

Need help?

We're always happy to discuss your project ideas or to answer any questions you might have about your application. So don't hesitate to contact us via phone or mail, or to make an appointment for a video call.